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Yaesu serial dating

Summary: After 2-1/2 years of use, including lots of DX'ing and many contest efforts on both CW and SSB, I'm very pleased with the performance of the transceiver. No mod required and you can even adjust the keying rise/fall time. There are other nice new features, but I'll discuss them below in appropriate sections of this page. First, I must mention that the FT-2000 I have today is quite a bit different than the FT-2000 I bought in 2006. Because its firmware has been upgraded several times and this new firmware has significantly improved some of the features in the radio.

The roofing filters and variable bandwidth DSP circuits have worked well. Great receiver performance in crowded contest environments. For example, the noise blanker that initially seemed ineffective is now the best I've ever heard. New features, like the new CW peaking mode with the Contour control, have been added.

Having unpacked, read the manual and connected the radio I ran a few low power tests and all seemed fine.

I normally operate well below a radios mid-point power output and with the exception run circa max 80W for voice.

The Yaesu FT-450 is an entry level amateur radio transceiver made by Yaesu.

It transmits on eleven amateur bands, from 160 meters through 6 meters.

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I'm able to coexist with other stations just a few hundred Hertz away in a cw contest environment, just as I was with my modified FT-1000MP. If you have an FT-2000 be sure to take advantage of the free firmware upgrades that Yaesu posts on its website.3.

I really like the FT-2000's receive audio quality, which is very clear and non-fatiguing. The CW monitor can be heard using the front panel headphone jack and speaker output, but not on the rear panel audio output jack.

I used to help out with the MARS station at Camp Lejeune and aboard the USS Gunston Hall back in the mid 90’s.

One of many of the requirements of operating on MARS frequencies is broadbanding my equipment.

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