Women dating sites too picky

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You go out to a bar and ask ten women for their numbers or some promise of future contact and they all turn you down. A woman goes out to a bar and ninety-three men walk past her, glance her over, don’t see what they’re looking for and move on. If you’re one of the ninety-three who tripped over that woman and loads more like her in your stampede toward the supermodel lookalike in the corner, you don’t like you’ve rejected that other woman.In five seconds, you won’t even remember all the women you glanced over who didn’t meet your criteria. And in not hitting on them, you have demonstrated that you have – gasp – standards for choosing who you will and won’t date!If you have a dubious relationship pattern littered with drama, ambiguity and pain with Mr Unavailables and assclowns, the likelihood is that you’re not picky about who you date – you’re very picky about who you don’t date.

Back when I was single, and before I got wise to my Mr Unavailable-loving, commitment-resistant ways, I regularly explained to prying friends, family, colleagues, the strange man at the bus stop and anyone who questioned my ‘selectiveness’ with men that, “I don’t think that there is anything wrong with me extending a little quality control to a prospective partner and if that makes me picky, then I’m picky.” On reflection and the wonders of vision provided by hindsight, I realise that I veered between being too picky and not picky enough – like many things that create issues with dating and relationships, I lacked a balanced middle ground.

Turns out the particular site had very few real women at all.

Try going to the major service like Match or whatever. This is like a spin-off of the "why do women prefer tall men" thread. Becase while 5'8 is one inch taller than me in my barefeet, I would absolutely (and any other average height women) tower over you if she got dressed up in a sexy pair of heels for a date I don't care how hard it is to find a decent guy out there, I won't lower my standards as a result, and if you're waiting for the girl that will, then how much stake are you putting in yourself?

I have a confession that I’m not proud of – seven or eight years ago, I went on a date with a guy that I met a club.

Admittedly, he was unlikely to last too long as I thought he was too much of an eager beaver (yep – contradictory woman put off by a guy being ‘too nice’), a bit ‘vanilla’, and I couldn’t look at him for very long because he appeared to be constantly blinking.

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You overvalue the wrong things and undervalue the important stuff.