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A lot of the same people have accounts on different platforms, but it just shows how dominant Tencent are.In fact the latest figures released by Tencent show that in Q4 2013 We Chat had 355 million active monthly users reflecting the expansion of users outside of China.In the new We Chat 5.4 update for Android, users can now manage their professional identity and relationships on both We Chat and Linked In – making it easier to build and sustain professional and social networks.

The popularity of the application surpassed that of Skype, Facebook and other apps in early August with no sign of slowing.

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The obvious first step is to make sure you have the latest version of We Chat downloaded onto your device.

When you’ve gone through the sign up process and have signed in successfully, you’ll be ready to start adding friends to chat with.

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The easiest way by far is to click the Find friends button that you see when you sign into We Chat for the first time.

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