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The Domestic Violence Survivors Handbook is an important resource that addresses what domestic violence is, how it impacts victims, and how to get help.

The Sexual Assault Survivors Handbook provides survivors, friends and family with information on medical, judicial and the emotion impacts of sexual assault.

Sex-trafficking survivor: 'They told me it would happen over and over' Access to limited resources means The Hope Project needs to choose between the home and offering counseling for a swelling caseload of survivors.

"These people need help now and we can't turn them away because where can they go then?

The lawsuit also alleges Reuben and Barnet were trying to "earn ...

accolades from other members of their fraternity." Reuben and Barnet previously pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to photographing or causing the sexual acts to be photographed and then disseminated, the lawsuit says.

Activities include the Purple Ribbon Campaign, Take Back the Night, 1 Billion Rising, and the Clothesline Project.To raise the funds, Jeff plans to start a capital campaign, but the setback is indicative of a constant uphill battle to finance their ambitions.Jeff and Sue are optimistic their Hope Village will open its doors by 2017, but they hoped to finish the project much sooner.In Michigan, you can legally consent to sexual intercourse when you become 16 years old. Minors who are married can get a prescription for birth control without a parent’s permission.

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