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Jewish dating pdf

” The message was left on my office voice mail the night of April 9, right after our congregation’s Jewish Food and Cultural Festival. “I’m going to put you in my concentration camps.” The message rambled on in a high-pitched voice with a fake German accent and ended with these words, “You Jews need to stop stealing our money! Birchas Hachamah - The Blessing of the Sun Only Once in 28 Years! What can you do for those you have loved who are no longer here? Their basic demands were exactly what you would expect from a white supremacist group.We have a pre-school of over 100 families with children have in their possession police technology imported from the fascist state of Israel.Already, the Talmudic Jew, Michael Chertoff, the head of the DHS, has made a secret deal with Israel disguised as the “Maryland/Israel Homeland Security Partnership” which will be used against Americans who are sick & tired of the Jewish cabal here in America.

Sure enough, the group was calling for a protest at our building because Israel was not letting in enough Palestinians. Yet, in looking at the group’s website, they described themselves as European whites.

Easy print PDF version of this timeline 12k PDF courtesy of S.

Malka Cohen at J M Publishers We have now reached the conclusion of this series and before we wrap up it is fitting for us to put into perspective the ground that we have covered.

Eighty percent of the pre-school families are not Jewish.

Some of them were beginning to panic, as the protest was scheduled to begin during school hours. Again, our police department’s response was excellent, giving us lots of guidance, assuring us they knew and were following the man who made the post. I was not at all worried about this protest having an impact on us, and in fact, as the police predicted, the group did not show up.

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