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Intj intimidating

Before a Relationship They are very visible to those around them due to their dominant presence and leadership.

Some people may find these traits attractive while others find it intimidating.

I am generally into a lot of things they are into as well and share a lot of common interests, all of which makes me an amazing friend.

Especially when immature, the INTJ may be intensely and mutually drawn to the freewheeling, fun-loving ESFP, each the others exact opposite on every preference, and a powerful representation of many elements of each others Shadow.This detached attitude is embodied in the systematic manner in which an INTJ may view romance.They may be drawn to actual systems designed to help facilitate romantic connection, and may maintain a methodically developed list of traits against which they compare romantic prospects. INTJs thrive when they are progressively working towards higher and higher levels of competency and excellence, and are easily bored by assignments or tasks that they have mastered before - or have a straightforward execution. Of all the 16 types, INTJs have perhaps the highest need for continuous learning, and to constantly challenge themselves intellectually.

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“Good enough” is not typically part of the vocabulary of an INTJ.

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