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)" Stop the cycle and try to fit in some chill time for yourself—even if it's only a few minutes—each day. It's not only good for your relationship, it's also good for you. It comes with lots of health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, lowered risk of heart disease, improved sleep quality, enhanced immunity, and reduced chronic pain," says Parks.

Most people believe more sex equals greater happiness.

New research gathered by Happify shows that having lots of sex doesn't necessarily make couples happier."A lot of people have this idea in their heads that sex every day or close to every day is ideal.

However, the research shows that at some point, too great a quantity of sex undermines quality and enjoyment," Acacia Parks, Ph.

The important thing to remember is there isn't one "correct" frequency for sex; we're all so different, and our relationships are all so different.

If you're worried that you and your partner need to up your game in the bedroom, relax.

Muise and her colleagues used data from more than 30,000 Americans to look at the relationship between happiness and sexual frequency. Frequent sex was more strongly associated with satisfaction than one's level of wealth.

In one of the bigger surprises, results were the same for men and women, for young and old, and for long and short relationships. The researchers also looked at the impact of money on happiness. For Americans who feel pressured to turn up the heat in their relationships, “it’s nice to know that once a week will do,” said Helen Fisher, a senior researcher at the Kinsey Institute.

After studying over 30,000 people, the researchers found that couples had sex around once a week on average, and what's more, having sex that often was linked to an increase in happiness compared to having it less often.“These researchers have found the sexual thermometer for modern times.” That weekly sex, Fisher said, affects three different brain systems, which in turn, affect our the health of our relationships and our happiness.“Having sex boosts our testosterone, which will sustain our sexual drive,” Fisher explained.But interestingly enough, the study found no increase in happiness when people had sex more than once a week. The study, which analyzed over 15,000 people, found that people who had sex two to three times a week were happier than those who had it once a week, and so on down the line.First of all, this is correlation, not causation—the study authors can't say whether having more sex made people happier or whether people had more sex because they were happier to begin with.

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But it can be pretty hard to know if you're having sex "enough." Even if you have open conversations about the subject with your friends, chances are you're still working with a pretty small sample size.