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Gay and sober dating

I am not suggesting that all gay men who claim that they are alcoholic are in fact sex addicts but most gay men who can't stay sober cite sex as the primary reason for relapse.

celebrate his one-month anniversary.”Forgive me if I'm wrong but anniversaries are a yearly celebration.

Kink sex is not the negative experience that some people believe it to be.

Do you have any advice on dating and being involved in the LGBT community while sober? ” - Question submitted by Anonymous I do have advice! Look up local places in your area, or events that are coming up that may need an extra hand or two. If you have a few friends who want to join you in the volunteer effort, awesome, and if not, full steam ahead bc your NEW friends will be there waiting. If there are other people in your area who are like, ‘Man, I would love to just get a goddamn coffee and talk about my complicated feelings on Roxanne Gay’s latest essay,’ and they see your profile and it says, ‘Looking for a friend or seven who will get coffee with me and talk about the complicated words of Roxanne Gay,’ they will LOSE THEIR MIND and MESSAGE YOU and you will HAVE COFFEE AND TALK. Ask for first dates to happen at amazing coffeeshops or bookstores or local parks!

I recently began my coming out journey and am looking for more ways to be involved and seek community, but so many events are centered around alcohol or bars and I don’t drink. If you’re like COOL KRISTIN THANKS BUT, I DON’T REALLY WANNA VOLUNTEER, sigh, okay, I will give you a few more tips (but like, you should at least try the above suggestion). Autostraddle is home to hosting many-a-meet-up, so check those out, take some notes, and either join one in your area or start one of your own! (Or if you’re on Long Island you’ll have cawfee and tawk.) Getting involved in dating without alcohol is a matter of honesty, and believing that your sober self is fucking awesome. She was like, ‘wow, this is kind of amazing, I actually don’t like drinking every time I go out,’ and she now BARELY drinks at all (and she isn’t even with a sober human, she just enjoys sobriety! You owning your sober-ness will bring people into your life who connect with you and who aren’t desperate to make their dating life hinge on alcohol.

Unable to attend drug-crazed gay circuit parties, many gay sober men in LA flock to the sober circuit parties, such as Hot 'n Dry, which is held annually in Palm Springs.

These events are more likely to take someone out than any other reason I’ve ever heard in gay AA.

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