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21, line cook, NYC, gamer, musician, introverted, trans guy, pansexual, polyamorous..

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It helps gender variant people understand that there are several sides to dysphoria, and that each and every one of them may vary in strength.

The infographic was originally inspired by this article by Darah Hoofman-Fox.

Essentially, there are two types of binders: short ones and long ones. The down side of these is that if you carry some extra weight, short binders tend to roll up and act more like a bra.

The long ones can be pulled down past your waist by several inches, however it’s inevitable that it will still roll up. Choosing between a short and long binder has more to do with your body type, specifically your abdomen, and not your chest size.

🔆NOTICE🔆 a new admin has taken over this blog so please be aware of changes and check back frequently if you've submitted an ask as anon as I will be trying to answer all of the asks and messages that I was handmedowned! Just wonderful FTM partners here to travel a wonderful, amazing journey together!

I will be updating the page as well and linking my personal blog so you can follow my relationship if you wish! Feel free to ask me anything, submit, or just browse. ❤️ Wow, I’m sure my boyfriend thought the same thing, but I never thought this day you arrive! I’m not sure yet if either of us are ready for the recovery part, but we can make it through anything.

women) has changed, while my personality and skills (and height) have stayed the same.The thing about structural oppressions - of which heightism is one - is that you can never tell when and to what degree they’re operating.For example, i’ve been only marginally employed for the past year and a half, working temp jobs while trying to finish up a grad degree.If you still remember your old bra size, you can find out your binder size by using the Bra to Chest Size Converter Tool.If you don’t know your old bra size, you can measure yourself the old-fashioned way: Selecting a binder brand and style can be difficult: there are so many options that it can be overwhelming!

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