Adult hookup hacked password Dating sex pics

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Adult hookup hacked password

Any data breach is a bad thing, as it could put your name, email address or other personally identifiable information in someone else's hands.The newly revealed data breach that affected Adult Friend Finder is arguably even worse.Despite that, the website continued to store 103 million passwords in its databases in plain text, and encrypted the remaining 232 million using SHA1, an outdated hashing algorithm, according to the hacked data.This hack, however, does not contain sexual preference information.The reason that dating sites scam people is not because they really want to rip you off but it's because there are simply not enough real legitimate horny women looking to hook up with men.

However since our reviews of those previous site such as Fuck Booknet and XXXConnect they now have adopted a "free dating" model.The most common password, used for 900,420 accounts, is the embarrassingly simple “123456.” The second most popular was “12345,” with 635,995 accounts, followed by “123456789,” used in 600,000 accounts.Check below direct link to members area: Our passwords to Hookup Hotshot are shared all over the internet and some die out very fast. If you want premium account right now just click here.Security experts found these victimized accounts have a different biography, image and name and sexual photos were uploaded to the page that prompt others to visit the link of a person’s profile outside of the social network The biography, name and profile picture have all been changed on the hacked accounts, which have been replaced with a link to an intermediary site and a pornographic image.The site is controlled by the scammer and contains Security firm Symantec was the first to spot this scam, revealing these cyberthieves took complete control of accounts and then changing passwords.

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