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S., each for orders from CANADA/MEXICO, and each for orders from all other countries. (M&LB is no longer published.) The following is a listing of the contents for each back issue: Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 5 (March/April 1999) Lead Story: Deadly Brain Tumors on the Rise: Chemical Causation and a Promising New Bacterial Treatment Summary Articles: * Gastrointestinal MCS Symptoms Explained by RIDS * Adverse Reactions of Pharmaceutical Additives * Aspartame-Triggered Headaches * CNS Problem Behavior from Toxic Maternal Smoking * Cellular Phone EMFs Raise Blood Pressure * 15 Million Children at Risk from ETS * Objective Injury and Record .6 Million MCS Settlement * WC Awarded for MCS Cardiac Sensitivity * China Awards Damages for Diazinon Personal Injury * City of Santa Clara ADA Accommodations for MCS/EI * Lawsuit Targets Illegal Pesticide Safety Claims * Los Angeles Sued for Clean Water Act Violations * Government Agencies Warn of Formaldehyde Hazards Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4 (January/February 1999) Lead Story: Admissibility of Clinical Testimony and the Daubert Factors: A Federal Court Review of RADS and Other chemical Injury Cases Summary Articles: * Neuropsychiatric and immune changes in MCS Challenge Test * Sick building Symptoms Associated with Dampness * SPECT Detects Early CNS Chemical Injury * Variable EMFs alter Nocturnal Heart Function * Genotoxicity from OP Pesticides in the Home * Carpet Toxicity Associated with MCS * Bedrest Atrophy May be Reduced by Vitamin E * Cognitive Testimony Allowed for Dursban Plaintiff * Coverage Barred for Sick Courthouse Building * Hospital Seeks to Intervene in Tobacco Settlement * Silicone Award Upheld Against Dow Chemical * Criminal Contempt Action Ordered Against Du Pont Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3 (Nov/December 1998) Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part Two: Courtesy and Legal Action Summary Articles: * Chemical Odor Intolerance and Cardiopulmonary Risk * EMF-Linked Disorders Confirmed in Humans * Copper Plumbing and Gastrointestinal Upset * Chemicals leach from Intact Silicone Implants * Toxic Brain Injury Correlated by PET * IAQ and Exposure in stationary Vehicles * Cholinesterase Not a Reliable Indicator of OP Pesticide Poisoning * Rushed 6 Billion Tobacco Sweetheart Deal Challenged * CA Declares Diesel exhaust a Carcinogenic Pollutant * SBS Class Action Settled During Trial * Chemical Leak Leads to #3.8 Million Punitive Damages * Voluntary Testing Agreement with Manufacturers Announced * Biomaterials Law Protects Chemical Suppliers * Hercules, Uniroyal Liable for 2 Million for Dioxin Site Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2 (Sept/October 1998) Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part Two: The Regulatory Void and Fragrance Use for Public Behavior Control Summary Articles: * Environmental Pesticides Show Synergistic Estrogenic Effects * EEG confirms Food-Induced Abnormalities in ADUD children * Polyurethane Implants Cause Increased Cancer Risk * Radiofrequency Sickness from Modulated Microwaves * Vitamin C Protects Against Porphyric Effects of Cadmium * CDC GWS conference Will Address MCS research * San Francisco Groundwork for Accommodating MCS * Ruling against FDA Regulation of Tobacco Challenged * .2 Million Award for Coal Tar Cancer * Tobacco Industry Wins ETS Wrongful Death Suit * GAO Testifies Against Flawed Government GWS Research * Herbal Medicine Sellers Subject to Liability Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1 (July/August 1998) Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part One: Evidence of Health Hazards Summary Articles: * "Golf Ball Liver" Caused by Herbicides * Organochlorines Linked with CFS and Chemical Sensitivities * Abnormal Cerebrospinal Fluid in Toxic Encephalopathy * ETS May Cause Irreversible Atherosclerosis * WA Governor Proclaims MCS Awareness Week * Dow Settles Silicone Claims for .2 Billion * Manteca Hospital Develops MCS Accommodation Policy * Lockheed agrees to Million in Cleanup Costs * Express Warranty Pesticide Claims not Pre-empted * Shell Oil Co.

Asserts Benzene Causes Cytogenetic Damage Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 6 (May/June 1998) Lead Story: Overexposure from Legal Pesticiding: a Generation at Risk Summary Articles: * Outbreak of CFS from SBS Incident in School * ELF EMFs Alter Membrane Structure of Human Lymphocytes * Objective Upper Airway Abnormalities in MCS * Sperm Density Decline Confirmed * Evident of Neurobiological Processes in Odor Intolerance * Workers Comp Awarded for MCS from Pharmaceutical * Novel Neurologic Testimony Allowed in Silicone Case * U. Federal Court Recognizes Severity of MCS Diagnosis in SSD Case Summary Articles: * Testing Confirms Neurologic Injury from Hazardous Waste * Vitamin C Counters Spermicidal Genotoxic Pesticide Effects * Lupus Linked to Industrial Pollution * Animals Models for MCS Cholinergic Supersensitivity * Autoantibodies Associated with Fibromyalgia & Silicone Implants * Plasticizers and Diesel Particulates Impair Sperm Motility * Dental Sealants Pose Estrogenic Risk * MCS, CFS, and Fibromyalgia Overlap Chemical Sensitivities * GAO Questions Integrity of SSA-s Disability Rejections * ETS Settlement Shifts Burden of Proof to Industry * Claims Leveled Against Diet Pill Manufacturers * Upjohn Penalized for Suppressing Corticosteroid Hazards * Gulf Vets- Wives and Children Not Allowed to Sue * Healthcare Providers Face Strict Liability for Implants Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2 (Sept/October 1997) Lead Story: Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Insurance Coverage Includes Sick Building Syndrome Summary Articles: * "Alternative Nobel Prize" Awarded for MCS Activism * Vitamin C Improves Immune Function in Chemically Injured * Solvent-Exposed Individuals v.

Accommodations should be made on a case by case basis, considering each employees individual limitations and accommodation needs.

Employers are encouraged to contact JAN to discuss specific situations in more detail.

Patients with MCS have high rates of depression, anxiety and somatoform disorders, but it is unclear if a causal relationship or merely an association exists between MCS and psychiatric problems.

Physicians should compassionately evaluate and care for patients who have this distressing condition, while avoiding the use of unproven, expensive or potentially harmful tests and treatments.

Lacoura, Thomas Zunderb, Klaus Schmidtkec, Peter Vaithd, Carl Scheidta, Michael (2005) Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCS) – suggestions for an extension of the US MCS-case definition Int. Fragrances are complex mixtures of chemicals, many of which are solvents, sensitisers, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors. [International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, ICD-10-SGB-V, published in November, 2000, by the German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information, DIMDI, by order of the Federal Ministry for Health.]Elberling J, Linneberg, A., Mosbech, H., Dirksen, A., Menne´, T.

MCS has far reaching implications if left undiagnosed and untreated as it not only affects the health of the individual, it also affects that person and families lifestyle, financial situation, ability to socialise, ability to support oneself or family, ability to access and utilise facilities such as hospitals, schools, libraries, shopping centres, health care facilities etc. Case Definitions for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. In Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: Addendum to Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicology. Although low values have been assigned the exposure standard may not be adequate to protect a hypersensitive individual and persons who are sensitised to a particular substance should not further be exposed to that substance. 1995)(Australia) National Standards Occupational Sensitisers The UK Department of Work and Pensions Decision Makers Guide volume 11, chapter 66 Industrial accidents defines sensitisation and recognises incapacity due to chemical uk/publications/dwp/dmg History of MCS. Environ.-Health 208 141–151Mc Keown-Eyssen, G., Baines, C., Cole, D.

The first goal of management is to establish an effective physician-patient relationship.

The patient's efforts to return to work and to a normal social life should be encouraged and supported.2 MCS syndrome is characterized by the patient's belief that his or her symptoms are caused by very low-level exposure to environmental chemicals.

The latest of which is Lacoura et al, 2005, who is attempting to define criteria that can be used to differentially diagnose individuals suspected of having MCS. These are ongoing in tandem with NHANES which is a dietary and nutrition survey to compliment the chemical exposure (NHEXAS) gov In the United States the legal ramifications of MCS are far ahead of the science and MCS has been widely recognised in policy arenas. Paper presented to Health & Safety Assessment of Agrichemicals Conference. Archives of Environmental Health; Vol 51(3); 201-213. 2005a Airborne chemicals cause respiratory symptoms in individuals with contact allergy. Environmental Health Perspectives Gibson, P R et al. Perceived treatment efficacy for conventional and alternative therapies reported by persons with multiple chemical sensitivity.

The following table summarises some of the major research and information on the recognition of MCS. Recent reports of individuals with fragrance sensitivity pursuing compensation in the Courts indicates that MCS exists at Law. National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology 20 - 21 February, 1997. Deutschen Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information (DIMDI), Internationale statistische Klassification der Krankheiten und verwandter Gesundheitprobleme, 10 Revision, 2000. Contact Dermatitis: 52: 65–72Elberling, J., Linnebergw, A., Dirksenz, A., Johansen*, J. Environmental Health Perspectives 111(12):1498-1504 SHaley, R.

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